Care Home Cleaning Equipment Guide

Care Home Cleaning Equipment Guide

Care Home Cleaning Equipment Guide shows a few simple ideas for what we would recommend in and around your Residential home.

Keeping a care environment clean at all times has always been crucial, however this has never been more prevalent than right now.

The global outbreak of covid19 has highlighted the importance of general hygiene practices within these establishments. Which are often crowded and involve close contact between vulnerable individuals.

It is commonly known that applying a colour coded system to segregate sensitive areas from one-another is the most efficient and effective ways of reducing the risk of cross contamination.

However with so many products available and with a variety of areas to consider within a care home, it can sometimes be difficult to know which products are the most appropriate for each task.

With this in mind we have put together a care home specific guide, to aid purchasing decisions and help ensure that care environments are as clean and hygienic as possible.

The guide outlines the many different areas to be considered and recommends which is the most appropriate product for each task.

Care Home Cleaning Equipment Guide from Ramon Hygiene Products

You can view our complete range of Ramon Hygiene Products here.

We also have a range of COVID-19 recommended products for Care Home Cleaning. They include Evans Safe Zone Plus in a Ready to Use trigger bottle or a 5ltr. Also in our range we have 3ply Disposable Face Masks, Face Shields & Visors, Alcohol Hand Gel, Bleach Disinfection Cleaners and Protex Virucidal Hand and Surface Wipes. Protex Wipes are perfect for a broad spectrum of Sanitising and can be used to clean your hands or andy work surface. Work Surface wipes are essential in every work place and can also be left in your car or home. Offering a resealable pouch on each pack of 100 wipes.

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