catering products, 5 essential tips for christmas

Catering Products, 5 Essential Tips for Christmas

With the festive season looming, it’s time to think about your stocks and supplies. Many wholesalers like us, shut up shop for Xmas so stocking up is essential. We have listed our top 5 Essential Catering Products for Christmas so you can get your orders in and relax. 150m Centrefeed Blue Rolls 2ply

1, Centrefeed Blue Roll

Centrefeed Blue Roll is one product i can honestly say, is the most used disposable catering product. Blue roll comes in many formats, to be sure you don’t run out you need a 150m roll. You will find many Blue rolls that are very light in weight and with not many metres per roll. Our 150m Centrefeed 2ply blue offers consistancy and value and a great buy.

2, Baking Paper, Catering Foil and Cling Film

Baking Parchment Paper 50m Catering Cling Film 300m x 450mm Catering Cling Film 300m Catering Foil 75m Chefs across the land need to make sure they stock up on these kitchen essentials. Foil is the perfect essential to cook up a christmas storm in the kitchen. Catering Cling film can be used for wrapping up ready prepared foods prior to cooking. Our Foils and Clings are professional catering standard and offer great savings when bought in bulk.

3, Christmas Napkins

We would all love fancy Christmas Napkins with festive designs but cost has to come into consderation. Xmas napkins are more expensive than the normal, plain colour options. In addition, there is also a chance that you don’t use them all and are left to store them for next year. In our experience, plain colours work well. White, Red and Green are perfect colours for Christmas Napkins.

4, Dishwash Liquid & Rinse Aid

The sheer panic when you’ve forgotten to order the Dishwash Liquid! Don’t get caught short on your Cleaning Chemicals when it comes to christmas. We have the perfect options within our Evans Vanodine Chemicals range. Evans Dishwash Multi 5ltr is both economic and hard working. Rinse Aid Muilti 5ltr works brilliantly alongside our Evans Dishwash Liquid. Evans Cabinet Glasswash 5ltr is the ideal choice for keeping those bar glasses clean and sparkling. We stock a whole host of alternative Catering Products in our vast range of chemicals. Coshh sheets can also be needed and downloaded from Evans Vanodine.

5, Toilet Rolls

Yikes!!! If you’ve forgotten this one then your on your own. Toilet rolls in our opinion are the most important Janiorial Essential you could need for your home or business. All your guests have arrived and one just nips to the loo only to ask you for loo paper. What a nightmare that could be. For your home we have our Luxury Desna Rose 3ply Toilet rolls with bulk buying options. For any business we have a range of options. Mini Jumbo and Dispenser toilet rolls that are lockable. Our Desna Products offers a truly comprehensive range to choose from.

Catering Products

In conclusion, there are many catering products you should not be without at Christmas time for your home or Business. At, we would advise you to contact your supplier and make sure of last order days prior to Christmas to be sure. In short, Stock Up!  

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