Centrefeed Dispenser and How it Should be Loaded

Centrefeed Dispenser and How To Load it!

So you have a Blue or White Roll called Centrefeed but you don’t know how it works? Even though the clue is on the name, ‘Centre’ Feed. Simply means the roll can be used from the centre core. Still confused? Well take a look at the following video tutorial from Kennedy Hygiene. This will explain and show you how it all works.

How will I know what rolls fit in a Centrefeed Dispenser?

There are many Centrefeed Rolls suitable for this dispenser, whether it be white or blue rolls. There are a few tricks of the trade when trying to remove the cardboard core from each roll. We have found the easiest way to be the Thumb in Core method. Simply put each thumb inside the core and pull apart as you twist the roll. As you do this you will find the perforation that spans the length of the core. Once you have found the easy tear tab, simply pull it out from the core as per video. You can then feed the tissue into your Centrefeed Dispenser, lock it, then you’re good to go.

You can find all our Centrefeed Roll options below. Our recommendation would be the Centrefeed 2ply Blue 150m option if you wanted our Best Selling Blue roll.

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