Centrefeed Rolls

Cheapest Centrefeed Rolls

Cheapest centrefeed rolls online, if you find them cheaper, please tell us! One of our top 5 bestselling items is Centrefeed Wiping Rolls. Centre feed wiping rolls are a must have product because they offer great value when it comes to wiping hard surfaces or equipment. Cheaper than a household kitchen roll because of the length on a roll. Each roll is less bulky but just as absorbent, therefore a better option if your budget is low. our Cheapest Centrefeed however is not our Cheapest case price option, 1027. Our best value Centre feed roll is our code 1013.

Centrefeed Rolls

150m Centre feed Blue rolls are by far our bestselling blue roll. This roll is edge embossed to keep both ply’s together for a strong 2ply feel. Approximately 180mm wide that is suitable for any of our Centrefeed Dispensers. All our centrefeed wiping rolls offer single case, parcel, and pallet deals. This product is prices at £7.95 when purchased as a pallet deal.
We have priced all our Centrefeed Wiping Rolls to be as competitive as possible. Our cheapest centre-feed rolls are approx. 80m in length, 400 sheets, glue embossed and therefore strong and absorbent. We offer a pallet deal at as little as £5.25, 87p per roll.

As many of our customers are wholesale customers, we offer Extra Special Rates and discounts based on volume orders. Blue Centre feed Rolls are one of our most popular wholesale paper products across our paper range. If you have the space for more than one pallet then you must get in touch for special prices.

Where to buy Blue Rolls & Manufacturers

With the decline of Blue Centre feed Rolls Manufacturers in the UK, it is a good idea to find a consistent supplier. Toiletrolls.com has a great reputation and a long-term trading history with a regular supply of Blue Roll & White roll centrefeed.


White Centre feed Rolls are ideal for all general wiping duties. White rolls are mostly used away from catering kitchens due to the colour coding environment. The ideal use for white rolls would be for cleaning glass surfaces including mirrors. When certain chemicals are used with disposable tissue, dye may leak, therefore white is perfect as it does not contain any coloured dye.
Toiletrolls.com offer a wide range of Centrefeed Dispensers to suit all our Centre pull rolls. All our rolls have a recyclable, cardboard core that is removable and therefore work perfectly with any wall mounted dispenser we offer. Look for yourself, our favourite is the stainless-steel look option in silver and black. We have standard white dispensers that work well in any washroom, kitchen, or workplace.
Toiletrolls.com offer a Range of Pallet deals for all our Centre feed Rolls. You can check them out HERE. Remember, the cheapest case is not always the best value!

Bulk Buy Centrefeed Rolls

We have many options when it comes to buying in bulk, mixed pallets, minimum orders & bulk deals for re-sellers.

Contact us at Toiletrolls.com if you have any questions in relation to our White or Blue Rolls 0151 342 2111