Cleaning, Why We Should Clean Daily at

Cleaning, Why We Should Clean Daily

For most, its pretty obvious why we should all be working in a clean environment, whether it be in the workplace or at home. Firstly, it is a legal requirement that every place of work must uphold to a certain degree of hygiene and companies that to not consistantly uphold cleaning levels could find themselves in a pickle. First impressions in the workplace say a lot. For new clients or even new staff, a dusty, dirty looking office is not appealing, therefore that perfect canditate may refuse to work there. Furthermore, new clients who you may wish to do business with may think differently about future relations with you.

Hiring a Contract Cleaner

Many offices don’t have the time to maintain a large office are so they may call on Contract Cleaning Companies like Dublcheck. Dublcheck have a nationwide database of Franchisee’s that have all been vetted and trained. Contract cleaners have offerered their services for many years and here are many to choose from. We would always recommend a trusted, proven company with many cleaners. The only negative we have found with contract cleaners is staffing issues. Larger companies have plently of staff on hand if one doesn’t show for work. With smaller companies, this can be a problem.

Employing Your Own Cleaners

This is a preferred option for many companies as they have a little more control over employees. Stock holding of cleaning products is also a bonus as companies can scout out all the best deals for Cleaning Supplies. Consumables including Paper Products, Toilet Rolls and Paper Hand Towels can be quite expensive over a year so companies do need to shop for the best online deals. Its hard to find out prices of consumables when you pay a set monthly fee to contract cleaner.

Workplace Cleaning Products

At we have a huge range of cleaning products for your workplace. General everyday housekeeping cleaners and furniture polish are a must if your cleaning yourself. We offer a complete range of Evans Vanodine Cleaning products for every cleaning task. With our Evans range we also offer Environmentally Preferred products which are WEIR accredited

Cleaning products in Your Home

Many people seem to have the opinion that only branded cleaning products work. Supermarkets and TV do a fab job at getting products recognised as the best and only options to best suit cleaning jobs. Our main Chemical Manufacturer, Evans Vanodine have been establised for 100 years and offer amazing product that work. They also offer Safety Data Sheets and information sheets on how to use them. Furthermore, we also offer a Training Support DVD that offers indepth information on how to use our cleaning products. There’s a great article you can also read at Housewife How Too’s on 5 Things You Should Clean Daily in Just 10 Minutes. It makes for a great read and offer some grreat advice!

To conclude, there’s no excuse for having a dirty workplace or home. Keeping up to date with in your daily cleaning routine means you can spend more time being productive. There’s a few handy cleaning tips and hacks over at Astonish Cleaning Products and you can also find a few Astonish Products at



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