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Drop Ship or become a Toilet Roll Wholesale Guru

Have you ever thought of setting up your own Drop ship wholesale business selling Janitorial or Cleaning and Hygiene products? At Toiletrolls.com we have made it easy for you to do just that.

Drop Ship and How Drop Shipping Works

You may not have ever heard the phrase ‘Drop Ship’ or ‘Drop Shipping’ but it’s a common way to do business. Some say it is the easy way to sell online as you do not have to go to any physical effort to become a drop shipper.

We have laid out a basic 9 step guide to how it works with us at Toiletrolls.com.

  1. List our products on your website.
  2. Your customer places orders with you or via your website.
  3. Your customer should then pay you in full.
  4. YOU then place the order with us at Toiletrolls.com.
  5. YOU pay us in full.
  6. We send out YOUR goods to YOUR customer with YOUR letter-headed paperwork.
  7. Your customer receives the goods in full.
  8. Your customer only sees your paperwork.
  9. Job done!

Who can Drop Ship and is it for everyone?

Sounds easy does not it! We will there is a little more work to do to get the basics set up correctly.

We have many different types of client who drop ship our products. If you are a well-established business already and are just looking to make life easy then simply ask us to send out goods on your behalf. We take care of the wrapping of goods and the courier; you simply send us your paperwork for us to add to the order.

If your new to the industry and are looking to set up a fresh new company, we are happy to guide you along the way. A question we are asked a lot is, do I need a website to Drop Ship? Not always, if you prefer face to face contact as some do then that works too. You can take an order and still email your paperwork to us.

How do I set up a website?

Most drop shippers do have an online presence as it does make, the process easy. Ideally, for this modern world you do need a website. There are many web developers who can offer website themes for you to build your own ecommerce site.

You can get affordable hosting from so many companies now. We use Tsohost, a very well-known hosting company with amazing support. They always offer a discount; with the following affiliate code (click the banner) you can also get a good discount. We can recommend a fantastic web developer who can design and build a website from £500 – £5000. Of course, we do not recommend you spend over £1000 for your first ecommerce website unless you are 100% sure about what you are doing.

Drop Ship Tsohost web Server hosting

So, once you have your website you need to add products. That is where we come in. We will guide you through our range and depending on what you are targeting we can recommend a range suitable. We recommend starting with at least 100 products. You will then see what works for you and you can then you can adjust your marketing goals accordingly.

How will Drop Ship customers find me on Google?

That is the million-dollar question! With so much competition online now days it is not easy for your website to be found on Google or other preferred search engines.

Trying to find a good reliable digital marketing company is a task. We have used many over the past 15 years and have been promised the world by some. Marketing companies are a business trying to make money, so they do have to offer confidence in what they do.

We recommend finding someone you can trust, family member or friend who can offer guidance to start but ultimately try and do the basics yourself as we did in the early days. If you get some traction and your business starts to grow, then maybe invest in a company with a proven record. We use Simba Digital. Ben has many years of experience who always offers more than he promises. Simba also offer Web Design so worth looking.

How do I know what Paper Products to Sell online?

That is where we come in. We can offer many products and many price options as there are many ways to sell a Toilet roll or paper product. Our best seller for instance is our 150m Centrefeed 2ply Blue in a 6 pack. We sell this one product in 3 ways. 1 case, 4 cases or a pallet deal. As a drop shipper we would support you on price and offer ideas on how you can sell this product. The good this is that you must pay to store the product. All you must do is get the sale.

Look at our site www.toiletrolls.com and see how we sell online. Check out the competition online and try to find a niche in what you do. Always try to engage with your customers as repeat orders are what we are all looking for.

There is a lot more to drop shipping so if you have any questions, drop us an email to sales@toiletrolls.com

If you think Drop Shipping is for you and you are interested in discussing this further get in touch on 0151 342 2111

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