Eco-Friendly Toilet Rolls with no Plastic

Eco Friendly, Plastic Free, Biodegradable Toilet rolls

We have searched far and wide for a UK manufacturer to help us on our quest to find 100% Recycled, Eco Friendly, Biodegradable Toilet rolls. Now, after many years, we have finally found the perfect partner.

Plastic Free, Eco Friendly, recycled toilet rolls, cardboard box range.

Our toilet rolls are made using 100% recycled tissue. Therefore, there is no plastic in or outside our fully recycled product.

As a matter of fact, our Kraft Paper tape that we seal the box with is an eco-friendly alternative. The usual plastic tape normally used when packaging parcels. Our Kraft tape is water and solvent resistant. Therefore, it can also be left on our fully recyclable box. After you have your empty box, we hope you can reuse it for other recycling needs.

Larger length toilet rolls for reduced transport costs

When you buy a toilet, roll from a discount store or your local supermarket, do you really know how many sheets are on them.

Most manufacturers are particularly good at bulking up tissue rolls. To make bulkier looking rolls they can emboss them with light or deep impressions. However, we now have chunky & longer lengths to offer!

New machine technology can make a 150 sheet toilet rolls look the same as a 320-sheet toilet roll, simply by using bulkier tissue and deeper embossing. The range of longer length toilet rolls for example offer more because we want you to buy less saving on transport costs.

We offer three different sheet amounts per roll including 280, 350 and a whopping 450 sheets in our 2ply toilet rolls. Our posh 3ply options offer 280 sheets per roll. You will normally find most 3ply rolls at approximately 150 sheets, result!

What are the benefits of using our Go Green Recycled Toilet rolls?

We’ve listed a good few benefit for using our new range of Go Green products.

  1. We use Recycled cardboard for each box of toilet rolls produced.
  2. Kraft tape used for sealing.
  3. Unprinted box to reduce box pollution.
  4. 100% Recycled paper used on 6 products.
  5. Ethically Sourced Tissue used on our 6 Pure Tissue pulp products.
  6. Reduced electric used for heat shrink.
  7. No plastic used in any of our boxed toilet roll product.
  8. Single label use which can be removed.
  9. Larger roll size to reduce transport.
  10. Manual packing to create employment for local people.
  11. All material sourced in the UK, produced as close to us as possible to reduce transportation.
  12. Less cars on the road with bulk buying options

CHSA Certified


We’ve scoured the internet for information in relation to ethically sourced toilet rolls and the impact not buying the ‘Eco-Friendly’ options. Alex Crumbie from The Ethical Consumer has written some very interesting information and is worth a read.

Eco Friendly Toilet Rolls with No plastic

We have gone Eco Friendly, now we think it is time for you to do your bit.

We are so please to finally be able to offer Eco friendly rolls. However, because of doing our bit for the environment. In other words, we would also want you to do your bit in the same way. If you can tell as many of your friends and family about us, share away, comment if you can. Even rate our products after you have made your first purchase. We are pretty sure you’ll have only good things to say about our Eco-Friendly range.


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