Facial Tissue

Facial Tissue for Home, Hotels or Office

We certainly know when winters coming! Facial Tissue sales seem to rocket with coughs and colds everywhere. Our Cubed tissues are a perfect little box for your work desk or office reception area. If you’ve ever stayed in a posh hotel you’ll probably notice our Professional Tissues.
Professional facial tissue are commonly used on hotel rooms and fit into bespoke dispensers to hide your outer box. All our facial tissues offer a bulk buy option for you to save when you buy in bulk.
Bulk buy pallet deals can save over to 35% on certain paper products. We often speak to customers who use toilet roll or kitchen roll. To blow your runny nose we don’t recommend toilet roll as it breaks down. Kitchen rolls tend to be a little rougher on the skin and may cause irratation. Therefore, we always recommend facial tissue for your nose.

For further details on bulk buying our Paper Products, please call 0151 342 2111 or contact us with your request.