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Getting the Office Ready for the Winter Chills

Getting ready for winter chills in the workplace is very important for both management and employees. Nobody business owner wants ther staff to call in sick because of caught and colds. There are a few things you can do around the workplace to help keep the chills at bay.

1, Get the heating sorted!

Check out the radiators and heaters and make sure they are working well. Turning on old heaters can be risky, especially if they have been in storage. Dust heaters can also be smelly as the dust burns off. Its always a good idea to have them checked out by a qualified electrician to be safe.

2, Have a generous supply of hot Beverages

Have a good supply of hot drinks available. Tea and Coffee are great for warming up the cockles. If your feeling generous why not splash out on some Hot Chocolate for your employees?

3, Keep out the Drafts

Keep the door closed! It’s beneficial to make sure drafts don’t occur. When an outside door is opened into a warm room it only takes seconds for the room to become cold again. Constantly being hot then cold is never a good thing for anyone and attracts caughs and colds. You can find more handy tips to keep out online.

4, Look after your Staff

Be sympathetic with staff. To help reduce the spread of coughs and colds it may be worth sometimes sending staff home early. This enables them to get a good nights sleep to recharge their batteries. If you keep staff in work they may be getting worse and also spreading unwanted germs to the healthier staff. This will only lead to more staff off work and added stress for the rest of your employees.

6, Stop the Spread of Germs

It’s good to have a supply of Facial Tissues on hand to combat the risk of spreading germs from sneezing during the winter chills. Did you know Kleenex rebranded their ‘Mansize’ tissues to Kleenex Extra Large in 2018? There are a wide range of tissues available form Mansize, Cubed and Hotel sized tissues. Hand sanitising is important throughout the year but especially when it’s winter. It’s good to have a hand wash and Hand Sanitiser station in the workplace, just like you see in hospitals. Keep the office clean and tidy. Germs spread easy enough so you should always do your bit to help with a clean workplace. We have a range of Hard Surface cleaners and Sanitisers from Evans Vanodine. Perfect for any office and workplace.

We hope we’ve given you enough tips and tricks to help with a healthier and cold free workplace.

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