Katrin Paper and why we recommend their systems at toiletrolls.com

Katrin Paper and why we recommend their systems

Katrin Paper have been in the UK marketplace for well over 25 years. Katrin know what we want and manufacture a huge range of Tissue products to suit. With Free dispenser systems including Toilet Rolls, Hand Towels, Hand Soaps and Air Fresheners to choose from. Katrin offer solutions for Washroom, Kitchen and Industrial Hygiene.

The Katrin Sustainability Journey

Katrin encourages responsible business. Katrin Paper are part of of Metsä Tissue, a Metsä Group company, everything Katrin manufacture revolves around sustainability.

  1. Katrin are committed to following the international principles of sustainable development and always demand ethical working methods.
  2. Katrin consider the social, environmental and economic effects of all of their operations.

Katrin Paper products – a sustainable combination of:

  • Reduced consumption
  • Lower cost in use
  • Minimized impact on the environment
  • Support for distributors across the world

For further information on Katrin product certificates please follow see here.

The Katrin Quality Options

Katrin Paper offers 3 levels of grades across their range.

Katrin Plus is the BEST

Katrin Plus offers the least environmental impact as less paper is used. It is the most hygienic as the raw material is solely new fibres. Softest and kindest to skin. Katrin Plus always offers a little extra in terms of quality and function: hygiene, absorption, softness and strength.

Katrin Classic is BETTER

Katrin Classic is our most popular for common areas of use in public and industrial environments. Favourable properties in terms of quality and function. Katrin Toilet Rolls are part of this range and prove to be a very reliable system.

Katrin Basic is GOOD

Katrin Basic is Intended for simpler uses. It meets basic requirements in public washrooms and industrial drying.

Katrin Hand Towels Systems with Free Dispensers

We offer a small range as standard in our Katrin Hand Towels range.

Katrin Inclusive Dispensers

Inclusive dispensers are by far the most popular option. With Free on Loan dispenser support and a high quality range of paper towels to suit. The Katrin Paper Hand towel dispensers are available in Black of White. Hand towels are available in Blue or White with the added option of a Flushablle paper towel in the range.

Katrin Hand Towel Dispenser

Katrin hand towel dispenser is sturdy, modern and best of all Free! White or Black options that are lockable and secure.

Katrin Inclusive Hand Towel Dispensers

Katrin Paper Toilet Roll Systems

For all the years we’ve sold Toilet Roll dispenser systems the only dispenser people seem to want is the Drop down option with core catcher. It must be because it offers great value and the Katrin Paper system works so well!

Katrin Toilet Roll Systems

Katrin Paper Distributor

Here at Toiletrolls.com, we pride ourselves to being a leading stockist of Katrin Paper disposable supplies. lease contact us on 0151 342 2111 if you are interested in our Katrin range and benefit from Free Dispensers.

Katrin Air Freshener Dispensers Units

We now have a range of Passive Air Freshener systems with enhanced natural airflow. Operates without any propellants. Head on over to see our range now of Katrin Air Freshener Dispensers and Refills

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