Katrin Products

Katrin Products & Classic Toilet Roll Systems. Katrin Easy Flush Hand Towels & Zig Zag Paper Towels. Foaming Katrin Soap Dispensers. Free Dispenser available. Metsa Tissue offer fantastic washroom dispenser systems and refills to suit. With Katrin Classic drop down toilet roll dispensers that hold 2 toilet rolls. Katrin Easy Flush are a paper hand towel that is flushable and won’t block your drains. This is perfect for care homes or Schools where maintenance can be a problem. We’re now offering a range of wall mounted Air Freshener Dispensers that require no batteries.

Why we recommend Katrin Dispenser Systems

Katrin offer a range of high quality disposables and dispensers. Durable systems that are designed to last. Each Katrin dispenser refill is also manufactured of the highest quality for our UK Away From Home market.
Katrin offer Free on loan Dispensers via Toiletrolls.com. This means, as long as you buy your refills from us and your an end user, you wont have to pay for dispensers.
We’re fairly new to Katrin and their range of Paper Systems. Since we became a Katrin Distributor we have grown from strength to strength. Having support from Metsa Serla, Katrin have proven to be a good, reliable supplier. Offering a fantastic product range. You can read more about why we recommend Katrin and their range.