Should I Buy Kitchen Roll or Paper Hand Towels?

Kitchen Roll or Paper Towels, which Should I Buy?

Kitchen Roll or paper towels are such an important and useful, household essential. We all use it for wiping up our kitchen work area when preparing food. It also takes pride of place in many home workshops for wiping up grease and grime. But is it the best product for most of your daily tasks? We will try and help you with what we know about our users and what they may use instead of household kitchen paper towels. We will also help you find some of the best deals we have found online.

Are Kitchen Paper Rolls any good for drying your hands?

Kitchen Roll or Paper Hand Towels? The simple answer is yes, they are perfectly fine for hand drying. However, using them for this can be quite costly when you work out how much you are paying per sheet. There are so many options to choose from when you visit your local supermarket. With all the options looking so pretty and being branded with best buy badges, it is hard to know which is the best value. With some rolls being so highly priced you would also be led to think, the more you pay the better the roll. This is not normally the case in our opinion.

Which supermarket offers the best Kitchen Rolls?

According to each supermarket, their own brands will obviously be top of the list. We will list a couple of our favourites based on our customer demand and requests.

Plenty Kitchen Rolls are in our top 5 for quality, strength and quite often price. Plenty offers superb strength and can be reused during a cleaning task. We do not recommend drying out a sheet of plenty kitchen towel but during single use it can be rinsed out and used further. We have regular orders for this product which speaks volumes when it comes to reliability. Always look out for speacial offers as supermarkets tend to offer some very good deals. We recommend who buy bulk so offer up to date prices and availability. We thought we would remind you of the very popular TV advert Juan Sheet from Plenty 🙂

Why we get asked for Aldi Kitchen Rolls all the time?

This speaks volumes as Aldi must be doing something right when it comes to kitchen towel. Aldi Kitchen Roll is great value. I had to see for myself and visited my local to see what my customers were talking about.

Kitchen Paper Towels, finding the best Deals

The best wiping roll we found was the Aldi Saxon Citrus Kitchen Roll. With a Citrus fragrance and great strength, it really is a good product. We have seen alternative, fragranced kitchen towels before, and some are honestly vile! If scented Kitchen Rolls are of interest, then I will point you in the right direction. Nicky Lemons is fast becoming one of our most popular rolls with a scented core. The quality is by far one of the best on the market. For all the best deals you should see our full range of kitchen rolls where you will find great buying options. Nicky Lemons are a 2ply with 200 strong sheets per twin pack. I personally use them at home.

kitchen paper towels instead of paper hand towels

Can I use kitchen rolls in the microwave?

I thought it best to have a quick google on this one and the consensus is that yes, it is fine! Home cooks often put a sheet of two over food when microwaving to stop the spray of food staining the interior of their ovens.

Are Kitchen Paper Towels better than a Paper Hand Towel?

Kitchen Paper Towels have always been targeted for the home, saying that, every workplace kitchen has some form of wiping roll to clean up spills.

When you are looking for a more cost-effective paper towel for the place of work, we would always recommend a Centrefeed roll. Centrefeed rolls or Blue Rolls are much better value and very practical. Blue wiping rolls are a more common term used in the UK within our away from home industry A basic value supermarket kitchen roll ranges from 44 sheets to 100 sheets depending on the manufacturer. The best value Centrefeed rolls are 150m long, therefore a much better option to choose for a busy work kitchen. The list of online retailers to choose from is endless so as always, is a tried and tested supplier where you will find many great deals. 150m Centrefeed Blue Rolls 2plyPaper hand towels will always be our go to options for drying hands in the workplace 🙂

So to finish up here, Wikipedia offers so much information on the manufacture of Paper Towel, Kitchen rolls. Although I think all we really need to know is, how cheap can i get the best kitchen rolls for and where can i get it!

We hope we have helped guide you in the right direction! Leave a comment if you have an questions.

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