Kitchen Rolls

Kitchen Rolls in 2 or 3ply

Kitchen Rolls are a very important part on your kitchen workplace. Perfect for mopping up spills and wiping away grease and dirt from your work surface area.

We have Plenty of Kitchen Roll Options to choose from

We have a few options when it comes to kitchen roll including 50 sheet budget 2ply rolls. If quality and super absorbent rolls are what your looking for, we have Nicky. Nicky Elite or Nicky Lemons are the best kitchen towel we stock. Branded Nicky Lemons also have a Lemon scented core and have a whopping 200 sheets per twin

pack. Nicky Elite is a 3ply Kitchen Towel, therefore ideal for any house or workplace.

For plenty Branded Kitchen Roll, please contact us for up to date offersPlenty Kitchen Towel bulk buying options

If you need a thicker roll, why not try our Nicky Elite 3ply with no scent. Elite 3ply Kitchen roll also has a patterned sheet.