North Shore Looroll Free Toilet Toll Dispenser System

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Bay West Toilet Rolls & North Shore

North Shore Looroll and Toilet Roll Dispenser Systems are the New Bay West alternatives. With brands including Revolution 3roll which has now changed to 4 Roll Orbit. Doubl-serv twin toilet roll dispenser has now changed to Side By Side twin dispenser. New and modern brands have now replaced the old Bay West systems and are now even better. Our Orbit now holds a whopping 4 Bay West Ecosoft Toilet Rolls, saving more time on maintenance. Alternatively, if your cubicle is a little narrow we have a compact Side-by-Side twin option that holds 2 Ecosoft toilet rolls.

Free Toilet Roll Dispensers

Free Dispenser systems are on offer to any end user who wishes to purchase your refill products from us here at To see if you qualify for Free on Loan dispensers please call 0151 342 2111 or email sales. at