Pallet Deals

Pallet Deals we offer are ideal for any business. With Wholesale Deals on most of our paper products. Centrefeed, Toilet Rolls, Hand Towels, Mini Jumbo, Bin Bags and more. we even offer a mixed pallet of toilet roll and kitchen towel for your home of business.

Mix up your Pallet Deals with our Mixed Pallet Option

If you can’t see a Pallet Deal to suit you, please call us. We can offer bespoke quotes based on your Pallet needs. Mixing pallets is what we do best, if you feel a full pallet of one product is too much we can make one up for you. It’s best to call and discuss with our sales team as you’ll always get a better deal. 0151 342 2111 or

Buy wholesale toilet rolls bulk or by the pallet

If you’re looking to save on supplies and see our bulk buy offers, the best place to find wholesale toilet rolls in bulk would be right here!

We have pallet deals for 2ply and 3ply household toilet rolls so you dont have to wander anywhere else. Conventional loorolls for your home that we sell come in many different options. The best 2ply or should i say most popular would be our new Simplex brand. A 2ply roll that offers 200 sheets per roll and is made form virgin tissue. For a single case you will pay less than 20p per roll but if you take our wholesale toilet rolls bulk buy deal you can expect to pay 17p per roll, we think thats a great offer!!