Paper Hand Towel Dispensers

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We’re proud to display such a wide range of Paper Hand Towel Dispensers that are suitable for a range of our Paper Hand Towels. Generally speaking, a paper hand towel is used to dry your hands. Quite simply, that is true but you do need to marry up your towel and dispenser. A V Fold paper towel will not dispense very well from a Z Fold paper hand towel dispenser. You need to make sure you buy the correct Paper Hand Towel Dispenser. One that works best with your paper hand towels. There’s nothing worse than trying to pull out a paper towel, only to see it tear apart.

In conclusion, we recommend that if you’re not sure then ask us. We have Paper Hand Towel Dispensers to suit all our Paper Towels. For bulk buyers on dispenser and centre feed rolls, we can offer deals so please get in touch. 0151 342 2111