Paper Hand Towels, Disposable, Economy, Recycled

Our Best Value Paper Hand Towels

Paper Hand Towels are a particularly important part of any business. It is essential in the workplace to wash and dry your hands as poor hand hygiene can leads to illness, therefore time off work. At we offer many options when it comes to Paper towels.

Economy C Fold Paper Hand Towels

Our bestselling paper towels must be our oldest. Economy C Fold paper towels were one of the first options to come to the UK market. Each towel rest on top of the other when sitting inside a dispenser. This is not ideal as you must manually open the towel to use it fully. This can lead to quite a lot of wasted towels. A solution for this would be an Interleaved towel. We have 1ply or 2ply C Fold towels, we offer many Bulk Buy deals on C Fold 2ply White with price ranging from £10.50 per case.

I Fold or V Folded Towels for Drying Hands

I Fold or Z Fold towels are both interleaved and offer great cost in use savings. When a towel is pulled from a dispenser they are fully opened and therefore used in full. You may need to contact us regarding dispensers to suit as a I Fold Hand towel will not fit into a Z Fold Dispenser.

Paper Hand Towel Dispensers

If you have paper towel then you need a Hand Towel Dispenser. We have many options that work perfectly with our range of towels.