Prevent the spread of viruses by washing your hands

Prevent the spread of viruses by washing your hands

Prevent the spread of viruses by hand washing is so important for each one of us. Over the last several months we have seen the disturbing rise of another infection rates throughout the world. We are presently all acquainted with the Covid, or COVID-19 as this strain is called.

Covid causes a disease with manifestations including a cough, high temperature, lethargy and have a shortness of breath in extreme cases. In most of cases infection will not cause too much of an issue but many suffer with severe problems including pneumonia.

The UK is now seeing a huge decrease in infection rates due to lockdown. Having just come out of lockdown it is ever more important to not forget the effects of good hand hygiene.

So, what do we all need to do help stop the spread?

As simple as it sounds, handwashing is still the number one recommendation. There would be no one better to advise than the World Health Organisation (WHO). Continuing to follow their simple guidelines on washing your hands will help us all to continue our day to day, normal way of living.

Once you have washed your hands, be sure to dry them properly and dispose of your paper hand towels in a waste bin. C Fold Hand Towels 1ply Blue, Wash your hands properly and dry them with Paper Hand Towels

WHO advise us all to wash our hands properly for a minimum of 20 seconds? It is also advised to still use Alcohol Hand Gels. We have had a huge reduction in price since the panic of 2020 and offer Handsan 70% Alcohol Hand Gel from the well-known Evans Vanodine.

Being equipped on your outdoor adventures to prevent the spread of viruses.

Normally you would gather your basics, jump in your car, and visit your local shop or supermarket. Not these days though as you need to think a lot more about what you will need to take with you on your simple journey.

Face masks is number one as you can be refused entry to many businesses if you do not wear a face covering. There is really no excuse for not wearing a cover for your face as so many companies offer either reusable options of disposable face masks. Of course, there are people with medical reasons not to wear a face covering making them exempt.

Wipes! I hear you ask yourself, why do I need wipes? Sanitising wipes are perfect to keep in your car or handbag. They are ideal if you quickly need to wipe down a shopping trolley, door handles, cash machines.

How Protex Universal Wipes can help Prevent the spread of viruses

Protex Universal Cleaning and Hand Sanitising Wipes Supplies for Schools. Prevent the spread of viruses

Our Protex Virucidal Wipes have been used successfully for many years and continue to do so. There are suitable for hands or any hard surface. Our Protex wipes have mostly been used in schools across the uk and continue to do so.

Alcohol Hand Gels are our third most recommended tool for the modern-day trip to the shops. Sanitise before you go out and before you get back in your car. Most certainly sanitise before you take off your face mask.

Prevent the spread of viruses by washing your hands

We sell a range of Covid-19 related products at Hand Soaps, Workplace surface Sanitising cleaners including our bestselling Safe Zone plus. A virucidal Disinfectant that is also ideal for use on food surface areas. Now we know the hospitality sector is opening up immenantly, this would be our recommdation.

Evans Safe Zone Plus 5ltr Virucidal disinfectant, A006EEV2









We hope to have helped you a little with our information for combating germs.

Whether it be at your workplace, visiting the local shop, home, there are ideas and products for everyone to consider.

Here at, we pride ourselves to being a leading online retailer of hygiene, janitorial & cleaning products. Feel free to browse our range online or call us on 0151 342 2111

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