Professional Cleaning Trolley Systems

Professional Cleaning Trolley Systems

Professional Cleaning Trolley Systems in our Magic range of trolley systems which is made in Italy by TTS offers complete flexibility in design thanks to its unique modular system. The system is designed to allow the operator to compile the exact trolley needed.  Each user would build their own bespoke trolley for their daily cleaning requirements.You would also have the option to use eith traditional socket/kentucky mopping or wet/pre-soaking flat mopping options. See the full range in our Ramon Hygiene Housekeeping Trolley listings.

Custom Build Your Own Trolley

The trolleys can be designed to incorporate lockable drawers, lids or doors to provide safety and security and to fully utilise all the available space for storage. The trolleys offer hygienic seperation between waste and storage to help prevent possible cross contamination in our Professional Cleaning Trolley Systems.

Each trolley is manufactured from a high grade polypropylene, the trolleys are extremely durable and have smooth surfaces which enables them to be kept hygienically clean. They are also fully recyclable. Available with standard, outdoor or silent wheels, the trolleys are light and very easy to manoeuver.

*Please be advised, we operate a 2 week lead time for delivery of our TTS trolleys.

  1. Colour Coded buckets available in blue, red, yellow & green. Also available with lids.
  2. Colour Coded 10L buckets with lids available in blue, red, yellow & green.
  3. In some trolleys the hermetic buckets are 20L. Available in blue & red only.
  4. Additional storage tray if required. 3 per trolley.
  5. Waste Cover.
  6. High quality materials.
  7. Seperate waste bags to prevent cross contamination.
  8. Single & double hanging hooks & handle holder to fit where you require
  9. Lockable doors.
  10. Various drawer & shelf options with 22L or 40L capacity. Lockable drawers available.
  11. Large 125mm wheels, outdoor wheels also available.

100's of options available
Lockable drawers, doors and lids

Lockable drawers, doors & lids

multiple dividers

Multiple dividers

solution buckets under lockablel lid

Solution buckets under lockable lid

shut slow closing system

Shut slow closing system

optional dosely soaking system

Optional dosely soaking system

Movable handle holders

Movable handle holders

Various drawer & shelf combinations available

Housekeeping Trolley Systems

Housekeeping 600 Maintenance Trolley

£297.00 Incl. VAT: £356.40


Housekeeping Trolley Systems

Housekeeping 730 Large Maintenance Trolley

£388.08 Incl. VAT: £465.70


£514.80 Incl. VAT: £617.76


£435.60 Incl. VAT: £522.72


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