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When your trying to save money on consumables its important to understand cost in use. Soap dispensers are an easy way to save money if you pay attention to how each system works. Here, we list a few options with a breif explanation of how they work.

Bulk Fill Soap Dispenser

It’s pretty obvious by the name that you simply bulk fill these soap dispensers. A bulk fill soap dispenser is an old soap system that works very well in any bathroom or kitchen. The downside is the amount of soap each dispenser doses per pump. Some dispensers dose nearly 3ml per dose, but most offer a 2ml dose. We have a huge range of 5ltr bulk fill Liquid soaps that work perfectly with all our bulk fill soap dispensers.

Cartridge Soap Dispenser

The systems we would always offer to help msave you money would be Cartridge Soap Dispensers. The simple reason is the amount of soap they dispensers per dose. They dose approximately 0.3 – 0.6ml per pump. Because it foams 2 or 3 pumps is normally enough to fill the palm of your hand.

This range can be quite confusing, if your unsure, please contact us for details and recommendations. 0151 342 2111