Supplies for schools - 7 Best Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies for Schools

Supplies for Schools – 7 Best Cleaning and Janitorial Products

For over 15 years we have been offering supplies for schools, Colleges and Universities. We have learnt from experience that each education sector has their own favourites when it comes to suppliers, products, and consistancy.

Consistancy is particularly important for education supplies as with every school and the quantity of pupils who attend daily, can mean a huge consumption of products including Paper Disposables. Having a consistant supply of product that work reduces stress for Caretakers and cleaners. Knowing they will get the product they know works is very important.

How to Choose the Best Paper Disposables for your School

Choosing the best Paper disposables is especially important. Not understanding Cost in Use can eat away at every School budget. In our recommended range of Paper disposable products, you would have Paper Hand Towels and Toilet Rolls.

Here, we will list our most popular and most used products that have been purchased by schools over the past 15 years. You may be able to use the information as a guide to help you reduce your school budget and maybe have a few pennies left at the end of the year.

#1, What is the most Cost-Effective Toilet Roll system for Schools?

In our humble opinion we have two recommendations, extremely popular choices that we have sold for many years without issues.

Bay West, North Shore or Katrin Systems, Dispenser Support

Bay West, North Shore

1a, Bay West Toilet Rolls, Revolution or Orbit 4 Roll system. This system offers 625 sheets per roll and each dispenser can carry 4 full rolls at any time. Each Toilet roll has a paper outer wrap for added hygiene that is perfectly flushable and biodegradable.

Our Bay West rebranded as North Shore Dispenser Toilet rolls are secured in a lockable dispenser reducing pilferage. An important point to note with this system is that each roll has a plastic bung in the core that fits nicely inside a dispenser. This also deters people trying to take them home.

Supplies for Schools. Do Not Pay for Bay West, North Shore or Katrin Dispensers.

We know how costly it can be for busy schools with the excessive use of toilet paper. For this reason, we offer all our Bay West, North Shore and Katrin Toilet Rolls Dispensers totally free.

Our List price for Bay West, North Shore refills is at £37.52 per case, that is £1.04 per roll. Not bad considering you get a whopping 625 sheets per roll that can be secured inside a wall mounted, lockable dispenser.

Katrin Toilet Roll Dispenser Black with Core Catcher Inclusive System

Katrin Toilet Roll Systems

1b, Katrin offer a fantastic twin toilet roll system in a robust ABS plastic dispenser. Each roll sits vertically inside the wall mounted dispenser. It has a simple and effective drop-down mechanism so once the roll in use is used the new roll drops down into place ready for use.

Katrin Classic 100% Recycled Tissue Rolls

Each Katrin toilet roll is 100% recycled and offers 800 sheets per roll. Our list price is @ £29.95 per case of 36 rolls so slightly better value than Bay West. The disadvantage of having only a 2-roll option is that you must spend more time maintaining the dispenser to refill it. Plus, you also must dispose of a core that automatically drops to the core catcher base. However, to reduce plastic in the world, Bay West has a plastic Core bung.

Each of the two dispenser options has its benefits but if cost is the priority, Katrin is better value. Bear in mind the maintenance involved as we know how busy Cleaners and Caretakers are during the daily routines.

#2, Deciding what Range of Paper Hand Towels to use in Schools.

In our Away from Home industry, there is the well know argument on whether Automatic hand driers are better than Paper Hand Towels. During the Covid-19 pandemic most businesses were under the impression that Automatic hand driers helped the spread of the novel coronavirus.

After reading many articles on the matter, it is still a grey area, but at we would always stick with Disposable Paper Towels. The reason being, once you wash your hands and dry them, the paper towel is then disposed of properly in a waste bin.

But the most important point would always be to Wash Your Hands and Dry them Properly .

2a, our recommended paper hand towel range for Schools will always be an Interleaved or interfolded paper towel. This option can be a Z Fold or a V Fold. Using an interleaved towel means that when take a towel from a dispenser, it is open and ready to use. This is the same for V folded towels and reduces waste enormously.

Interleaved towels are available in 3 colours, Blue, Green or White. 1ply Interfold Blue Hand Towels are our most popular by far.

Bay West, North Shore Microfold Paper Towels

Bay West, North Shore Microfold Paper Towels Supplies for Schools

Washrooms and classrooms are quite often limited to space and if that is the case, North Shore Microfold dispensers will be perfect. Their compact and sturdy range of three colours are lockable and offer open Z Fold Hand Towels. Refills for this come in Blue or white.

Katrin Inclusive M Folded Hand Towel Dispenser

Katrin Inclusive Hand Towel M Dispenser - Black 92063 Katrin Inclusive Hand Towel M Dispenser - White 90168

Katrin M fold dispenser is a fantastic and highly recommended dispenser that works well with both Z Fold and V Fold towels. These have been supplied by the thousands across the UK with no issues. Saturday, modern and lockable, it really is a great dispenser.

Both Katrin and North Shore are highly recommended as they do save money and they both work well.

#3 How do you know which Hand Soaps to buy, Bulk Fill or Foaming?

North Shore Dispensers and Free support

Foaming hand soaps are proven to save money, it is a no brainer as far as we are concerned. A concentrated dose from a push button dispenser offers less than 1ml of soap. If you are using bulk fill dispenser, you will dispense more than 2ml per pump.

We have 2 like for like systems with Katrin and Bay West North Shore. Both systems are remarkably similar apart from fragrance. Katrin soap dispenser are available in white or black while north shore also offers a blue dispenser.

So, stop using Bulk Fill and swap as soon as possible to start saving on supplies. Both Bay West, North Shore and Katrin offer Free on loan soap dispensers so you do not have to spend a penny.

#4, So many Bin Bag options to choose from.

Black Bin Bags 200s 18X29X39" 100 Gauge

Buying bin bags can be so confusing for some, gsm, grammage, micron, seal, weight. These are some of the questions asked by many but not many people fully understand why they are asking the questions. Suppliers often confuse matters when selling bin bags to try and get more business.

They way we sell bin bags is to offer what we have as a free trial, if the Caretaker likes them then it is a result. What we do not do anymore is stock 20 different types to suit everyone. We have developed a range that is fit for purpose.

Heavy Duty Compactor Sacks for Large Bins

The most popular waste bags are sized at 18x29x39” and have 200 bags per box. For the larger bins we recommend Compactor Sacks that offer greater strength.

#5, Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaning Supplies for Schools

Evans Vanodine Cleaning Chemicals Supplies for Schools

Things have changed so much over the years. I remember visiting many schools who have their supplies stored away in cupboards, jam packed with so many chemicals they did not really need.

Thanks to support from companies like Evans Vanodine, cleaning products have come a long way.

E: dose is a range of Super Concentrated products that dramatically reduce costs and work brilliantly. There are several E: Dose super concentrates in the range including Sanitisers, Multi-Purpose Cleaners that also Clean Glass. Washroom Cleaners and Air Fresheners. Once dosed, a trigger bottle can cost as little as 8.5p. You cannot get that from a supermarket.

Evans Vanodine Safe Zone Plus, Multi Surface Disinfectant

Evans Safe Zone Plus 5ltr Virucidal disinfectant, A006EEV2 Supplies for Schools Evans Safe Zone Plus 750ml Supplies for Schools

During the pandemic Evans Safe Zone Plus has been the go-to product for disinfecting any area or hard surface. Safe Zone Plus is a Virucidal and proven multi surface disinfectant cleaner with a broad-spectrum activity against viruses, bacteria, and yeast. Passes EN 14476; effective against coronavirus with a 5-minute contact time.

With training DVD support, COSHH training and SDS, Safety Data sheets readily available. They also provide a comprehensive Brochure on school hygiene.

#6 Mop Heads, Buckets and Cleaning Cloths & Textiles

Keeping your floors clean in Schools is particularly important for parents, pupils, and teachers. Their first impression when entering a school should be that it is clean and hygienic. Clear and safe walkways offer a sense of relief and comfort for traffic.

To keep your corridors clean and hygienic we have a huge range of mopping products to choose from.

As schools have a vast area, caretakes and cleaners need something a little bigger and better than a household size mop head. You can choose from 3 sizes in our Kentucky mop head range to suit your mop bucket.

Add Kentucky Mop Buckets on wheels to your supplies for schools range. Our Kentucky range makes large mopping areas so much easier to clean. Used on conjunction with any of our recommended, Evans Vanodine products, including Safe Zone plus.

#7 Protex Universal Cleaning and Sanitising Wipes

Protex Universal Cleaning and Hand Sanitising Wipes Supplies for Schools

Disinfecting work areas, hard surfaces and especially hands has become such an important part of our daily lives. This is where our Protex Disinfection wipes come in.

Protex Universal Cleaning and Hand Sanitising Wipes is proven to have “virucidal activity against enveloped viruses” as stipulated by the EN14476:2013 +A2 2019, which encompasses Coronavirus.

Our Supplies for Schools are what we would recommend 100%

So, to sum up our post here, there are so many options to choose from so many different suppliers across the UK. What we do know is that our recommended products are proven and used every day in schools and colleges. Our Supplies for Schools are what we would recommend 100%

We immediately open Credit Accounts for Schools so there are not delays on supplies for schools. And no paperwork needs to be filled in. Simply place your order.

We welcome Schools to contact us with any queries they have regarding any of our products and welcome feedback.

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