Toilet Tissue Dispenser

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We’re proud to display such a wide range of Toilet Tissue Dispensers that are suitable for standard household toilet rolls. Uniquely, within our AFH industry, we don’t offer many solutions for standard loorolls. Within our new range we have plastic & stainless steel options ot choose from. Single, Double options coupled with a North Shore 4 roll option, we really do have the solution.

You may have heard of Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue, it’s a toilet paper that is not on a roll but flat pack. Each sheet comes out a a dispenser as a single sheet. For this product we have 3 amazing dispenser options in our range that are modern and not to mention, lockable. Our best seller in this range of 3 is our Toilet Tissue Dispenser Bulk Pack White, priced at £13.95.

In conclusion, we have Toilet Tissue Dispensers dispenser or Toilet Roll Holder to fit all. For bulk buyers we can offer deals so please get in touch. 0151 342 2111