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Hand Hygiene is so Important

Reasons Why Hand Hygiene is so Important

We all want to work in a clean and hygienic environment when in work. It’s only natural to want to feel at home and comfortable during your working hours. When it comes to a clean workplace there are many procedures and products available to assist.

Hand Soaps and Sanitisers

We have many options when it comes to hand soaps including Soap bars, Pump soaps and wall mounted Soap Dispenser Systems. We offer traditional Buttermilk soaps that are quite old fashioned these days but still quite popular. When it comes to workplace soap systems we have an even split between pump soaps and wall mounted systems. It’s all down to customer preferrence, budgets and the cost in use. If you are on a tight budget and like to keep an eye on your pennies you need to take a look at our Foam soap dispenser systems. We have a few options including North Shore Soap Systems with 3 colour options. Each refill is a cartridge that works out at approximately 0.04p per dose. An amazing price when you work out a Pump soap costs approximately 2.5p per dose. Of course, it all dependes on the pump soap and dispenser but it’s definately something to keep an eye on.

Disposable Gloves for your Workplace

Disposable gloves are becoming more popular in all industries and used mostly in our Healthcare sector. Whether it be for food preperation, garage workshops, changing a babies nappy or operating in surgery, disposable gloves are necessary. Latex free gloves are idea if you have latex allergies. With this in mind, we offer Vinyl Disposable Gloves in either Blue for food areas or clear for general workplace use. For more medical use for Doctors or Dentists we offer Nitrile Dispsable gloves in a range of sizes and are Medical grade.

Evans Vanodine Handcare Solutions

Finally, our Evans Vanodine range has been tried and tested. Evans offer amazing support when it comes to hand hygiene and has a great video on the how to’s when it comes to washing your hands. Unperfumed Bactericidal Soap in your Kitchen is so important when it comes to preparing food. Watch the video and see for yourself.

Cleaning, Why We Should Clean Daily

Cleaning, Why We Should Clean Daily

For most, its pretty obvious why we should all be working in a clean environment, whether it be in the workplace or at home. Firstly, it is a legal requirement that every place of work must uphold to a certain degree of hygiene and companies that to not consistantly uphold cleaning levels could find themselves in a pickle. First impressions in the workplace say a lot. For new clients or even new staff, a dusty, dirty looking office is not appealing, therefore that perfect canditate may refuse to work there. Furthermore, new clients who you may wish to do business with may think differently about future relations with you.

Hiring a Contract Cleaner

Many offices don’t have the time to maintain a large office are so they may call on Contract Cleaning Companies like Dublcheck. Dublcheck have a nationwide database of Franchisee’s that have all been vetted and trained. Contract cleaners have offerered their services for many years and here are many to choose from. We would always recommend a trusted, proven company with many cleaners. The only negative we have found with contract cleaners is staffing issues. Larger companies have plently of staff on hand if one doesn’t show for work. With smaller companies, this can be a problem.

Employing Your Own Cleaners

This is a preferred option for many companies as they have a little more control over employees. Stock holding of cleaning products is also a bonus as companies can scout out all the best deals for Cleaning Supplies. Consumables including Paper Products, Toilet Rolls and Paper Hand Towels can be quite expensive over a year so companies do need to shop for the best online deals. Its hard to find out prices of consumables when you pay a set monthly fee to contract cleaner.

Workplace Cleaning Products

At we have a huge range of cleaning products for your workplace. General everyday housekeeping cleaners and furniture polish are a must if your cleaning yourself. We offer a complete range of Evans Vanodine Cleaning products for every cleaning task. With our Evans range we also offer Environmentally Preferred products which are WEIR accredited

Cleaning products in Your Home

Many people seem to have the opinion that only branded cleaning products work. Supermarkets and TV do a fab job at getting products recognised as the best and only options to best suit cleaning jobs. Our main Chemical Manufacturer, Evans Vanodine have been establised for 100 years and offer amazing product that work. They also offer Safety Data Sheets and information sheets on how to use them. Furthermore, we also offer a Training Support DVD that offers indepth information on how to use our cleaning products. There’s a great article you can also read at Housewife How Too’s on 5 Things You Should Clean Daily in Just 10 Minutes. It makes for a great read and offer some grreat advice!

To conclude, there’s no excuse for having a dirty workplace or home. Keeping up to date with in your daily cleaning routine means you can spend more time being productive. There’s a few handy cleaning tips and hacks over at Astonish Cleaning Products and you can also find a few Astonish Products at



catering products, 5 essential tips for christmas

Catering Products, 5 Essential Tips for Christmas

With the festive season looming, it’s time to think about your stocks and supplies. Many wholesalers like us, shut up shop for Xmas so stocking up is essential. We have listed our top 5 Essential Catering Products for Christmas so you can get your orders in and relax. 150m Centrefeed Blue Rolls 2ply

1, Centrefeed Blue Roll

Centrefeed Blue Roll is one product i can honestly say, is the most used disposable catering product. Blue roll comes in many formats, to be sure you don’t run out you need a 150m roll. You will find many Blue rolls that are very light in weight and with not many metres per roll. Our 150m Centrefeed 2ply blue offers consistancy and value and a great buy.

2, Baking Paper, Catering Foil and Cling Film

Baking Parchment Paper 50m Catering Cling Film 300m x 450mm Catering Cling Film 300m Catering Foil 75m Chefs across the land need to make sure they stock up on these kitchen essentials. Foil is the perfect essential to cook up a christmas storm in the kitchen. Catering Cling film can be used for wrapping up ready prepared foods prior to cooking. Our Foils and Clings are professional catering standard and offer great savings when bought in bulk.

3, Christmas Napkins

We would all love fancy Christmas Napkins with festive designs but cost has to come into consderation. Xmas napkins are more expensive than the normal, plain colour options. In addition, there is also a chance that you don’t use them all and are left to store them for next year. In our experience, plain colours work well. White, Red and Green are perfect colours for Christmas Napkins.

4, Dishwash Liquid & Rinse Aid

The sheer panic when you’ve forgotten to order the Dishwash Liquid! Don’t get caught short on your Cleaning Chemicals when it comes to christmas. We have the perfect options within our Evans Vanodine Chemicals range. Evans Dishwash Multi 5ltr is both economic and hard working. Rinse Aid Muilti 5ltr works brilliantly alongside our Evans Dishwash Liquid. Evans Cabinet Glasswash 5ltr is the ideal choice for keeping those bar glasses clean and sparkling. We stock a whole host of alternative Catering Products in our vast range of chemicals. Coshh sheets can also be needed and downloaded from Evans Vanodine.

5, Toilet Rolls

Yikes!!! If you’ve forgotten this one then your on your own. Toilet rolls in our opinion are the most important Janiorial Essential you could need for your home or business. All your guests have arrived and one just nips to the loo only to ask you for loo paper. What a nightmare that could be. For your home we have our Luxury Desna Rose 3ply Toilet rolls with bulk buying options. For any business we have a range of options. Mini Jumbo and Dispenser toilet rolls that are lockable. Our Desna Products offers a truly comprehensive range to choose from.

Catering Products

In conclusion, there are many catering products you should not be without at Christmas time for your home or Business. At, we would advise you to contact your supplier and make sure of last order days prior to Christmas to be sure. In short, Stock Up!  

Colour Coding, Our Guide

guide to colour coding

Colour coding cleaning in our industry is the process of allocating specific colours. 4 Colours for Certain cleaning tasks and cleaning equipment in different areas of a workplace or area. This helps to reduce the spread of germs across areas and assists in hygiene throughout a business or home.

Using a single mop to clean every floor in a toilet, for example, can spread bacteria into other areas. At least if you keep a single mop head in the washroom, and contamination occurs, unwanted germs won’t spread.

Kitchen and food preparation areas should also have a designated colour. Applying a colour coded system to segregate sensitive areas from one-another is perfect. The most efficient and effective way of reducing the risk of cross contamination is to use colour coding.

Developed by the BICSc is a universal colour code chart which is recommended for use within the cleaning industry.

Colour Coding, The 4 Colours

Red – Sanitary Appliances & Washroom Floors

Red has been assigned to areas such as urinals, toilets and washroom floors. This is because these areas are universally regarded to have a high-risk of bacterial contamination. By using only red-coded cleaning products such as Red All purpose cloths, Red Mop Heads, buckets and gloves to clean them, the risk of spreading bacteria outside of these areas is minimised.

Yellow – Clinical & Healthcare

Yellow is assigned to clinical and sensive environments however yellow is often used outside of the care industry as a colour assigned to the cleaning of all other washroom surfaces, including sinks, mirrors, cubicles, tiled walls, glass and metal. Having two different colour codes for wash rooms ensures that the same cleaning products are not used on toilet seats and urinals as on sinks and taps, and helps to further contain the spread of infection. We have Yellow All purpose cloths for this specific task.

Green – General Food and Bar Use

Green has been assigned to food and drink preparation areas, including kitchens and bar areas. Food preparation areas pose a high risk of cross-contamination particularly from uncooked meat and fish, therefore it’s crucial to regulate the use of cleaning products in these areas.

Blue – General Lower Risk Areas (Excluding Food Areas)

Blue has been coded for low-risk areas, such as offices and hallways, and also for general dusting and polishing. As there is usually a lower degree of bacterial contamination in these areas compared to washrooms and food preparation areas, blue coded cleaning products can be used across a broader range of surfaces. The ideal cloth for General lower risk areas would be our Blue All Purpose Cloth in a box for easy transport.

To conclude, we know many nof you do it your way, and thats fine. All’s we ask is that if you do clean multiple areas of your business or home, you don’t mix up the colours.
Big Thanks to Ramon Hygiene for the above Colour Coded references.