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Wholesale Pallet Deals, Why they will Save You Money

Wholesale pallet deals at Toiletrolls.com, are here to offer our customers the best deal we can. Selling Cleaning and Janitorial product is not as easy as it once was. With so much competition in our Away from Home market we have had to condense our range of consumables to accomodate our customers needs. In doing so we can now concentrate on offering bespoke orders to suit customers needs. We’ll break down a few reason why we think you should buy your Pallet deals from us.

1, Verbal Support when placing ordering your Pallets

It’s easy for us to know what constitutes a full pallet of toilet rolls as all our quantities are listed. Things get a little more difficult when you start mixed your pallets. If you wanted a pallet of Desna Rose 3ply Toilet rolls for instance but needed 10 cases of Paper hand towels, we would have to reduce the Desna Rose. It’s much easier to speak with our sales team to discuss your pallet orders and let us guide you. Call our sales team on 0151 342 2111

2, Bulk buying pallet and why it saves you money

Our Wholesale Pallet Deals will save money in comparison to buying single case options. You’ll find many pallet deals throughout our site but to make it your shopping experience easier we have added a new Pallet Deals category. We’re adding all the time and also plan to add a few mixed pallet deals. Toilet rolls with centrefeed and Paper Hand Towels with Toilet Rolls are very popular options.

3, Stocking all the Janitorial Products you need

We’ve been in the Cleaning industry for over 25 years with lots of experience in what our customer need. We know we can’t please everyone as there are so many variants of the same product to choose from. Our condensed, comprehensive range should be enough to full your daily cleaning and hygiene needs. With all manner of paper products to choose from. We have a range of paper hand towels to fit any dispenser in the UK market, C Fold, Z Fold, V Fold, I Fold etc.

4, Delivering your Wholesale Pallet Deals Free

Buying pallets of Paper Consumables has never been so easy. We have a proven track record when it come to sending your goods on time. Our standard lead time is 3 working days for UK Mainland, sometimes a little longer for hard to reach areas. All our pallet deals include Free Carriage. Of course we have to pay a courier but we are able to build the costs into the pallet prices. So what were trying to say is that there are no hidden costs for buying our wholesale pallet deals. We use a well respected haulier with many years experience with the added bonus that each pallet can be tracked.

5, Supplying you with Quality Janitorial products

You can be assured that all our product are checked to make sure you have consistency. Consistent supplies are very important with us at Toiletrolls.com as we want you to know exactly what you will be getting with repeat orders.

6, Price support on all Wholesale Pallet Deals, B2B

This is the most important point to make! When it comes to pallet deals, you can save up to 40% on some items. Bulk buying will save you money at Toiletrolls.com. We want your business and offer supported prices to help get it. We also promise to do our best to retain you as a customer and grow a B2B, business to business relationship with you for many years to come.

7, Mix up your products with our Pallet Deals Pallet andrex and Nicky Lemons

We have introduced a few options to help with supported prices. We know sometimes a full pallet of one single product can be a lot to store. We have a few options that are pre build in our Mixed Toilet Rolls and Kitchen roll section but that doesnt mean you cant make up your own pallets. Let us know if you cant see a mixed pallet that suits you. It’s easy enough for us to work out, all you need to do is call us!

So why would you want to wait? Get in touch with our sales team on 0151 342 2111 or email sales@toiletrolls.com and start the process of ordering your full pallet or mixed pallet deals now. We promise to save you money from your current suppplier.

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