Z Fold Paper Hand Towels - Reduces your Waste

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Z Fold Paper Hand Towels - Reduces your Waste

Papernet Dissolvetech Z Fold 1ply Paper Hand Towels

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Z Fold Paper Hand Towels

Z-Fold Towels offer so cost savings when it comes to hand towels. Compared with C Fold hand towels that don’t offer a fully open towel, we gaurantee you will use less Wholesale Pallet Dealstowels with Interfold hand towels. We offer Z-Folded Paper Towels in 1ply White or Blue or Z Fold 2ply White. Z Fold paper towels 2ply White is by far our most popular option.

Bulk buy your Z-Fold Paper Towels

We offer case, parcel or Bulk Buy Pallet Deals on all our Paper Hand Towels to save you even more on your Janitorial Supplies. We offer a pure tissue Z-Folded towels from Papernet, packed in 4000’s so you always have plenty of refill stock.

Thinking about changing over to paper towels from a Automatic Hand Drier? Thats great news as we offer a range of free hand towel dispenser in our Katrin or North Shore range. Katrin offer high capacity dispensers, suitable for any industry. North Shore, the old Bay West offer compact Microfolded paper towels. Both Katrin & North shore offer quality products in a range of colours that will be suitable for any bathroom, kitchen or workplace. For free dispensers you simply need to call us on the below number.

Replace your Centrefeed hand towels with Z Fold Paper Towels

If your using Centrefeed as a hand towel then you should stop now! Centrefeed is a wiping roll for surfaces. We are aware that many users think its a cost effective way of drying hand but there is simply too much waste. You only have to look in a bathroom bin to see how much people use per hand dry.

Why not check out our range of Z Fold Paper Hand Towel Dispensers. Available in a range of colour options. For more information or enquiries please call 0151 342 2111 or email sales@toiletrolls.com